COT Report Update – 7/5/2013

Updated – as of 7/5/2013

Jim, Yeah, QE is really working well for the 1%’ers.

More evidence on Gold (and silver’s) manipulation by central banks.

The continued rise of the dollar; the currency wars that are raging now; the Fed’s and all the Fed member banks continued pressure to keep the dollar UP despite all the inflationary easing… it’s just amazing to watch.

How can the Fed inject trillions of dollars yet commodity prices drop? This means that these downward trends in sugar, coffee, copper, gold and silver, and others hasn’t just been a moderate down trend – they’ve been CRUSHED.

The dollar’s purchasing power has been cut by 25% or more in the last 5 years which normally would have pushed all commodities higher. But did it? No. It’s crazy. Here’s some reasoning on this:

Those dollars haven’t been removed from the system; they’re still out there building up pressure – inflationary pressure. But QE continues to devalue the dollar yet the dollar continues to rise – HOW CAN THIS BE? Eventually the walls are going to come crashing down. But know that at that point – the rich will be scooping up all the extremely cheap commodities. That’s one of the reasons of how they get rich.


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