COT Report Update – 8/10/2013

Updated as of August 10 2013

AD – Aussie’s COT is a record lows. China’s so called economic bright spot may help the AUD pivot here.

Treasuries may actually bounce here – stabilizing rising interest rates.

KC – coffee – higher prints in the COT – looks like a base here. Heading into the holiday seasons – time for coffee to climb.

RR – rough rice, very well defined channel, and clearly at the bottom touch. No good way to trade this unless you play options on the futures contract.

Gold/siver (GC/SI) both have solid bases in and higher lows printed in the COT.

BO – soybean oil also looks like it might be near a bottom – if you like juggling knives…

VIX – is way down, price and COT, yet the market is obviously showing signs of topping out. VIX to head back up in next week.

CL – crude is toast here. Lower for the next two weeks.


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