I dreamed I was talking to the President

I dreamed I was talking to The President. I was the Whitehouse’s woodsman who’s job it was to keep all the fireplaces lit and burning through out the winter. I was stoking one fire when Obama wandered by and thanked me for the job I was doing. I accepted the thanks as well as shared it with an apprentice I had with me and then went on to describe to The President an analogy he could use in a speech.

I said that since I was 3 months older than he, which I am, that I might know a bit more, but that since being President he may have caught up… I went on to describe that the well being of the Nation was rather like the equalizer on a home or car stereo. That the different sliders for frequency were like the different aspects of life as a citizen. That one slider might be jobs and prosperity, another security and safety and still another freedoms and liberties. And that all of the tuning controls needed to be balanced. That if any single one of them was too weak or too strong that the whole song, the whole message would be thrown out of balance and made to sound discordant. That The President might want to tell the Nation that he was striving to maintain an equalized approach to all the aspects of governance. 

He looked quizzically at me but thought the idea was curious and thanked me for it.

Then I woke up and remembered the dream. Rather cool the idea no?


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