Brand the Moon

Brand the Moon
Remote control of a swarm of small regolith trawlers that will etch brand name logos in the Lunar dust large enough to be viewed through binoculars or small telescope from earth. Or, if successful, visible by the naked eye.The game would be to simulate the control these swarms of trawler bots as they etch various designs on the virtual Moon. Time and accuracy would be measured during each trawler trial. The winner after 6 months would get to control the real robotic swarm sent to the moon.

Acquiring corporate sponsors who would volunteer millions of ad dollars toward a branding project aimed at inscribing their logos on the Moon would be trivial. Companies would be clamoring to get their logo on the Moon. Space IL would have no problem acquiring the necessary funds to both build the robotic swarm and to build a company dedicated to Branding the Moon.

Much like the Mars Buggy games, this game is a castle storm type game where your robotic army is tasked with creating specific designs on the lunar surface. They must be protected during their mission using laser robots and projectile robots from the alien hordes that have invaded the dark side and are compelled to try and destroy your robotic trawler tribe.

This is just a concept. The game no doubt would be a smash hit but not only due to the game play and near realistic lunar surface imagery, but to the allure of blending of scientific and corporate concerns and interests with exploring the robotic terraforming of celestial bodies. First the Moon – then Mars.

A team of Xamarin developers writing C# and porting to IOS and Android could be brought together in a month or less and build up a prototype in 3 months. A full game with supporting website and forum would take 4-6.
No experience. Just desire.



Is Google the New Evil?

Is Google, unintentionally or otherwise, becoming Big Brothers Best Pal? It would seem that Dave Eggers “The Circle” is truly becoming reality, and Google is turning out to be the source of all the potentially evil technology. Google seems to be building surveillance into nearly everything they are working on. For instance:

Google Glass, aside from surveillance drones, what other technology has reached such a controversial pitch than Google Glass? There is an insidious, creepy feeling about Google Glass in the public realm. At work, on your job, at home maybe Glass would be a great monitoring and interaction enhancement. On the sidewalk, in bars, in the mall, airports, in every open public venue – these places just beg for a Glasshole to be accosted and deprived of their big brother’esque video gear.

“Digital Tattoo? The “digital tattoo” idea is really a flexible, durable electronic sticker with a mini power supply, microphone and wireless transceiver.”

What? Yeah, tattoos containing circuitry that supposedly is built to offer up local interaction capability or connectivity to your other devices. But tell me they don’t look like big brother ink in the form of an RFID tag that might be found, quite comfortably, in some new age concentration camp. Identifying tattoos? Do you think the Jewish community will ever adopt such a thing?

“A personal identifier pill? “Essentially your entire body becomes an authentication token,” Dugan concluded, before laughing off suggestions by AllThingsD’s Walt Mossberg that Google – which owns Motorola – might insist on employees swallowing one of the pills every day.”

Great, now they can hide identifying chips in our food. Make them small enough and all your McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets will become cunning McMinions. We’re all up in arms about GMO food. Now we have to worry about DAF, digitally augmented food? Google? What the hell are you thinking?

“Constant environment scanning? A new Google project aims to give mobile devices the ability to understand their location in a room, offering the prospect of mapping interiors or measuring living spaces with just a phone.”

Great, now everyone’s phone can become a snooping device, with or without the owners awareness or permission. The movie “Eagle’s Eye”‘s premonitions are just around the corner. Constant surveillance by a swarm of digital agents all working on behalf of Google with their stated goal of constantly providing a better consumer experience. George Orwell, where are you now?

No doubt this is just the tip of the overseer iceberg; an NSA wet dream is probably being concocted right now in Google’s experimental labs as we speak. We are headed toward a world of constant scrutiny. Of constant inspection by those who, as they originally proclaimed in their motto of philanthropic goodness, stated, “don’t be evil.” Whether it’s intentional or not, evil is indeed oozing out from under the biggest information megalith on the planet.

Google Live Radio

Google Live Radio will:
• broadcast news read by college student volunteers and by text to speech agents 24/7,
• use news compilation software to compose news items into 10-30 second sound articles,
• rotate, in a predictable sequence, news from the world, country, locale, including world, U.S. and local weather, as well as interest stories from various venues,
• stream the audio online through,
• stream the text script onto the same site for reading and recording,
• stream the text script into a mobile app,
• allow sponsors to twitter message ads in at a reduced but lucrative advertising rate,
I’m convinced that GLR would be a hit for commuters and workers of all stripes and colors. That it would be a hit with the elderly too. That it could be very cheap to run especially once text to speech agents were fully vetted and approved by the FCC.
“This next world financial news minute brought to you by – Key Bank, who tweets: we are your local bank run by local neighbors with world experience in checking, mortgages and retirement advice.
“And now the world financial news: 
Candy Crush Saga maker King plans US stock market debut. The developer of the popular mobile game Candy Crush, King, plans an initial public offering on the basis of its hit game Candy Crush Saga…
HomeBuilder confidence sinks in Februrary – U.S. homebuilders’ confidence in the housing market declined sharply this month as the severe weather battering much of the nation keeps many would-be buyers at home…
The time is now 1:40 PM, Friday the 24 of August. 
Next up on Google Live Radio we have the top stories in science and technology. This news minute sponsored by Space.Com who tweets: Space is not only the final frontier, it is a great place to learn about your planet, your solar system and your universe. Visit us at Space dot com.
“Sounds” like a winner to me?
So how do I go about getting funding for such a thing?