Campaign contribution limits

Here’s an idea for  Campaign Contribution Limits.

The Supreme Court of the United States’ recent Citizens United and McCutcheon rulings beg to be translated into Constitutional Amendments. Citizens United should be reigned in by Amendment #28 “Corporations are not People.” 

And the McCutcheon ruling, what of it? Individual campaign contributions should be gated, but how? If you are politically active what might you contribute to the candidate of your choice? What about what the average U.S Citizen can earn in a day? Yeah, a day’s wage perhaps. That seems reasonable. So what is a day’s wage? What is the average American’s daily wage? Well, let’s go find out.

From this image:
it looks like the average daily income would equal:
$52,000 / 365 = $142.00
Hmm, that seems reasonable.
U.S. Constitutional Amendment #30: 
“Citizen contributions, to any single political candidate, shall be limited, per annum, to the maximum of one day’s value of the national average daily gross income as determined at the first day of the year.”
[Amendment #29 remains as “Non-sequential terms for all U.S. Congresspersons”]



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