Wall Street / Main street: The two shall never agree

Here is the simplest synopsis of why Wall Street ignores Main street and why Main street despises (and rightly so) Wall Street.

What would Wall Street desire in the development and evolution of any company? Whatever maximized the return on investment, yes? Whatever would deliver the greatest dividend and the greatest market value a company could deliver, yes? How might Wall Street design such a company? That’s easy. Fire everyone but the CEO and fully automate absolutely everything that the company does to research, design, build and deliver product. That is, remove as much overhead as possible, namely people, by full and autonomous automation. “People? We don’t need no stinkin’ People!”

Now, in opposition, what would Main street desire in the evolution of every company on the planet? Something, no doubt, along the lines of the exact opposite of what Wall Street would want; complete and equitable distribution of employment and compensation among all existing and future employees. Main street wants everyone to work. Wall Street wants no one to work. Main street desires a high standard of living for all of its citizens. Wall Street wants to pay as little as possible (nothing is best here) to build and deliver products and services.

These two entities are diametrically opposed. They will NEVER come to agreement.