Humans to surpass the Singularity

It may not be a computer that become the basis for the Singularity. It may be a collection of human brains interconnected to think in a super human way.

Life, whatever that might be, seems as a spark of unknown origin. One second you’re alive, the next your dead. What changes? One second an egg is Nitrogen frozen the next, it’s rejuvenated and awaiting to become a new human or other animal.

Will machines every truly become alive? Will that spark ever truly fire in a silicon or gallium, or other exotic material circuit substrate? Sure AI and ML are just tiny steps toward that goal of creating an independent intelligent lifeform. But what if augmented humans could wire themselves together in droves; what if the whole human race could wire its collective brains into a single uberbrainnet? Wouldn’t that just skip the whole machine as an independent, legal entity?